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Welcome to the Australian Association for Hydrogen Energy.  The AAHE was established in response to a Hydrogen Roadmap commissioned by the Australian Federal Government in 2008.  The association seeks to promote the use of hydrogen as a clean and sustainable fuel and energy storage medium in Australia. Membership is open to both individuals and corporate bodies. We seek to promote the use of hydrogen energy,  informing engineers and other professionals in the energy business as well as academic researchers, students and others with an interest in clean and sustainable energy systems.

The Australian Association for Hydrogen Energy (AAHE) is the national association promoting the use of hydrogen as an energy carrier, its integration in the Australian energy economy, and the development and deployment of hydrogen energy technologies, such as fuel cells.

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The AAHE welcomes new members. Join the growing community of hydrogen and fuel cell stakeholders and contribute to the development of the industry in Australia.

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Hydrogen energy
There is mounting concern over the sustainability of global energy supplies. Among the key drivers are: (i) climate change, ocean surface acidification and
air pollution, which imply the need to
control and reduce anthropogenic
emissions of greenhouse gases, …
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Fuel Cells
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Hydrogen Energy
Fuel Cell Systems Explained
Clean Energy
Sustainable Road Transport


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Funding is now available to support Task Experts and Mid-Career Researchers to attend IEA Hydrogen Meetings.
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