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International Energy Agency Hydrogen Technology Collaboration Program

The AAHE represents Australia on the IEA Technology Hydrogen TCP. The Hydrogen TCP aims to accelerate deployment and use of hydrogen technologies by carrying out and co-ordinating collaborative activities of analysis, applied research and communication among the member countries. Supported by funding from ARENA, the Australian representatives at the Exco level are Professor Craig Buckley, and alternate Dr Andrew Dicks.


Funds are available to support both mid-career researchers and task experts to attend meetings of IEA Hydrogen.

Australia - AAHE

Conferences, Seminars and other communications

The AAHE has supported two international conference is recent years, the World Hydrogen Energy Conference (2008) in Brisbane and the World Hydrogen Technologies Convention (2015) in Sydney. Other seminars and events were arranged from time to time to promote hydrogen energy within Australia.

In 2020 the Australian Hydrogen Research Network (AHRN) was established to promote research interest in hydrogen and the  AHRN has run a series of online seminars since March 2021.  In 2023 the AHRN will be host to a significant international hydrogen research conference in Canberra.  For more information please click on the button below.

We Are Industry Experts

Our directors are acknowledged experts in hydrogen energy. With background in gas and power utilities and academia, we are able to provide informed knowledge as the industry moves forward. We have access to a wealth of information from academic and other sources within Australia and partner organisations around the world. As a representative of Australia on the IEA Hydrogen Technology Collaboration Program we are able to access expertise from other countries that have embraced hydrogen energy as a means of addressing climate change and ensuring that our future energy businesses are placed on sustainable basis.